Success Stories

“I joined Fit4life in 2014 after it was recommended by a family member who raved about the classes. I had ignored my weight and increasing size for years, but after seeing a very unflattering picture of myself I decided that enough was enough. The food plan was really easy to follow and by sticking to it, and increasing my exercise, I lost 4 stone in just over 7 months and dropped from a size 16 to a size 8!

I absolutely love the variety of exercise classes that Fit4life offer and the support that you get there from everyone is amazing!

Carla Robinson

“I’ve been obese all of my late teens and adult life. I hit rock bottom in June 2015 when I had gone up into the next dress size 30/32. After my husband finding fit4life and encouraged me to go to class. I’m now in size 24. lost 5 stone 5lb. Never ever thought that I would be able to join in the exercise class, but I love them.

My journey is no where near finished and I have a hard journey ahead of me, but I know with the support from Heidi, the members and her team that I will defeat my goals , one at a time”.

Beckie Price

“I struggled with my weight and my confidence for years before deciding to try out a taster class with fit4life. It was the best decision I have ever made, not only because I have lost more weight than I could have imagined in a year, but I have become a happier, more confident person.The classes are incredibly infectious, I began with one a week, and now regularly do four and am always finding new, exciting ways to exercise with the fit4life team.

I had always worried about how others would view me during exercise but the members here are so supportive, accepting and encouraging. I would recommend my fit4life family to anyone who
is willing to make a change in their lives

Bobbi-Jo Davies

Never thought I would ever say I actually enjoy exercise. It’s changed my life for the better and with such a variety of classes and a fabulous support network it really is for all abilities. I never look back now x

Claire Ward

Apart from losing the extra weight gained after having my children and being the fittest since then, the regular exercise has made me a lot more chilled and relaxed and put me back on track with healthy eating, thank you Fit4Life.

Christine Nicholson

Love the mix of fitness classes available all Fit4life friends. With the choice of joining outside events such as spa breaks in Portugal, Maderia, Fitness Fiesta and loads of events for fun and charity.

Jenny Nicholls

Best class I’ve ever done it’s fun I felt comfortable and wow do you work hard.

Lauren Butler, Grays

It’s changed my life, made great friends and the first time ever I’ve been able to lose weight and enjoy it!

Louise Davies

Best workout around! Great class and fantastic instructors. There no place like fight Klub!

Karen Stanley

If you’re having a bad day (or even if you aren’t) go and do Fight Klub, 1hr of pure energy that leaves you buzzing when you walk out the door.

Tony Cooper, East Tilbury

I have been overweight since my early 20’s. i have tried all kind of diets and exercise over the years without much success couldn’t seem to stick to anything. Then in March/April 2017 a friend suggested I try fit4life classes. I had plans to travel for a few months in Jan 18 so I decided to give it a go. Started off with 2 classes a week with I really enjoyed so after a holiday in May decided to increase classes to 6 a week and in July embarked on a 5 week challenge nutrition plan and lost 13 pounds which really spurred me on so decided to add nutrition plan lost a further 19 pounds by end November and I ended up being awarded fit4life slimmer of the year 2017 which was a complete shock but an amazing feeling have gone from size 20/22 to a size 14/16 now feel so much better about myself .has been hard work and definitely had my ups and downs the support from Heidi and her team is amazing couldn’t have done it without them . Everyone was so welcoming and friendly would highly recommend fit4life to anyone. I will be back with fit4life after my travels I know with the support from the fit4life family I can achieve my goal.

“Back in July 2012 I decided it was time to try a different approach to losing weight, I had a 4 month old son and wanted to get myself in better shape. I started classes and the weight started to come off well, I was losing 1-2 lb a week which I was happy with, I was following the nutrition plan, I even lost 1lb on a 2 week holiday after only being a class for a few weeks. My weight continued to come off and I lost my first stone in the November… I was so pleased, Christmas came and went and I was still doing well and it wasn’t long until I lost 1.5 stone… Then things started to change, snacks started to creep back in so by the time I went to America for my sons first birthday, I was just over a stone loss and when I came back from my holiday I was back at only losing a stone… I really couldn’t get my head back into the diet so my weight didn’t really change.

I decided to stop going to classes but by the third week of doing it myself I was on the phone to Heidi asking to come back. I Was back at class on the Monday night and was back into the swing of things, at weigh in I was only 12lb from my original weight I was so disappointed that I’d let it all unravel. This for me is what changed the weight loss, by September I hit my 2 stone and November I received my 3 stone. I was so much happier, I loved coming to classes and by Christmas I was doing 4 classes a week. After Xmas I lost my Xmas weight quickly but as with any one you have up and down times and my weight stayed pretty steady until I got to September and decided enough was enough and stripped it all back to basics and lost 7lbs in two weeks getting me to my goal weight.

Throughout it all my meals were good, i reduced portions and even used a smaller plate, my problem was and will always be chocolate and snacking, but I proved to myself in the last two weeks that if you do it right it works and cutting it out was what I needed. I tried hard with my fluid intake and my good weeks on the scales were always the weeks I had stuck to my 2 litres of squash.

I had my demons with the scales at home and whenever I started using them my weight loss would stop and my mood would go down, I generally didn’t use them but If I did I knew I had to get my head back in the game and stop torturing myself. I’m now 4 stone lighter, 4 dress sizes smaller and I have lost 64 inches, have a fabulous group of friends and love my exercise classes. The best part is I’ve lost the weight and also gained a new career as in Instructor for Fit4Life.”

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