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Heidi Button – creator of Fit4Life

My Story

Hi my name is Heidi and I am the creator of Fit4Life. We work with men and women who want to improve their health through exercise and nutrition. I work with people who are in it for the long game and who understand that unless they make changes in the way they work and live they will be forever stuck in an unwanted lethargic, slouchy body. They are people who invest in their wellbeing and are committed to their own improvement. Whether you are looking for that Body Transformation or you are looking for an awesome workout, we will support you on your goals.

What separates our approach from other fitness businesses is that we take into account our clients’ lifestyles and how external forces are affecting their lives. Doing your exercise sessions really well is all well and good but for long lasting results we help our clients find ways to incorporate good movement, increase their movement and practice good habits in their everyday lives.

More importantly, whilst we take our work really seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously so our clients are guaranteed challenging but fun classes!

I was a happy sport loving girl until August 1998. I was involved in a 12 car pile up on the M25 and was left with 3 prolapsed discs. I had surgery in 2002 which unfortunately went wrong and I ended up going from being taken in for day surgery to being paralysed in my legs.

Needless to say. I put on quite a bit of weight during my recovery. At my heaviest I was 14st 3lb, in a dress size 20/22. I felt fat, unfit, breathless and generally could not be bothered with anything. In 2008, I lost 4.5 stone, reduced my body fat% and felt amazing. So proud of my achievement I thought yes, this is it!! Then… unfortunately I was involved in a minor car accident in 2010, which has lead to some weight going on again. Ever since, I have had to be very aware of my nutrition and exercise in order to keep control of my health. I am human, I am not a skinny Minnie and I totally get the daily struggles that emotional eating can bring along with wanting to be snuggled in the sofa.

I launched my business to help people feel great about themselves by losing excess weight and improving their fitness. My aim is to help clients re-connect with their bodies and to encourage a healthier, better educated mind as well as body on the journey.

Katie Theakston – Fit4life Instructor

My Story

Katie joined the team in March 2015. Again, you will see Katie on the success stories page. Katie has been on an extraordinary journey. She started her journey back in 2012. She reached her goal in 2014 and has maintained it for the last 2 years.

Katie qualified as a Zumba Instructor and now holds a weekly class and also tag teaches Clubbercise with me too. Katie is also a part of the admin team and helps me keep up to date with bookings and communications.

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